Recipes for Food and for Life

29 Dec

Just before leaving town Christmas weekend, I was surprised to find a small white package in my mailbox. I saw the return address was my Aunt Barbara’s and smiled. I was positive I knew what was in the box. A few months back, she sent emails around asking all the cousins for their five favorite recipes. I just figured she was FINALLY getting around to writing a cookbook (she is an amazing home “chef”). However, upon opening the box, I was VERY surprised!

There, in my hands, I was holding two copies of “With Love from Grandma’s Kitchen: Her Recipes for Food and for Life.” It is a compilation of recipes, notes, journal entries, and love from my grandmother, Gladys Horton (1910-2007). Many of the recipes I remember and many of the journal entries were like photographs from her memories. From our home until we arrived in Orlando (about 1.5 hours) I had read most of the notes and many of the recipes. There is such wisdom and love in her words. So, I decided to share.

Much in the style of “Julie and Julia,” I thought it would be a lot of fun to go through every single recipe in this cookbook and blog about it. Yeah, so I’m a copy-cat of sorts, but what of it.

I thought the best way to go through the book is to just start at the beginning and go page-by-page; but, that is too predictable. I figure I will find journal dates that correspond with the actual date (only a different year) and go from there. The only exceptions will be the recipes submitted by my cousins and me. Those will be filler recipes or maybe I’ll have readers vote on those as to when they are served.

The cool part, most recipes my grandmother used were with seasonal or canned goods. When I say canned, I don’t mean of the Red & White canned variety. I mean old-school canning and preserving of veggies and fruits. So, I am excited to actually shop for groceries at the time of year in which they are to be consumed! I am also excited to be able to utilize ingredients I’ve never used before…Swan’s Down flour, Oleo, and molasses, just to name a few.

One Response to “Recipes for Food and for Life”

  1. Hilary Kingery December 29, 2011 at 2:26 pm #

    Great Idea! Have fun on your cooking journey :0)

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