The week ahead…

10 Jan

OK, so I know it’s already Tuesday, but the week’s recipes begin tomorrow.  It has worked out nicely that today is my birthday and tomorrow’s recipe is for a strawberry cake…mmm. That is followed by a BBQ sauce and then a bean salad.  Sounds like party foods to me!

For the record, I did go purchase some more jars for canning- pint and 1/2 pints.  I also made another batch of Pear Honey.  It most definitely should have been put into smaller jars to begin with.  Now I know.  So, tomorrow will be a grocery day (I refuse to shop on my birthday…grocery shop, that is) and the day I prepare my “party foods.”


I know it’s been a few days, but I at least wanted to give an update.  I am almost finished planning the “menus” for the rest of the YEAR!  That’s right, I said YEAR!  There is something to being able to know what you are going to be eating or preparing in advance.  Some weeks have a few things, others a lot. Some days have a bread, a cake or pie, and an entree.  I am looking forward to this challenge!


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