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Beans, beans, the wonderful fruit…

15 Jan

Bean salad

…So eat some beans at every meal!  Well, with a super simple recipe like this one, it would be very easy to eat beans all the time-even go *gasp* vegetarian! That’s for you, Mel.

As I have said before, most of the recipes in this cookbook are from when my grandmother lived after my grandfather passed away, in 1988.  So, a lot of the ingredients are more “convenience” ones (i.e. cake mixes, canned veggies, condensed soups, etc.).  However, there are many recipes that call for canned or preserved items that were straight from her garden and preserved by her.  Therefore, a few “easy” recipes were allowed.

This is one of those convenience recipes: green, kidney, and white beans in a “dressing” of oil, vinegar, sugar, etc.  But you could easily use fresh picked (and cooked) varieties.  The greatest thing?  I still had BBQ sauce left over from last night’s shin-dig and this called for 2 tablespoons.  That was easy!


Grandma’s Note: 1/14/82- Beautiful Day (just like 30 years later!).  Several inches of snow/ice covering everything.  Sun brilliant.  Ate supper with George and Judy. 1/15/82- Most of the snow melted today, been so pretty. Anthony and Zach are with us tonight. 2/3/82- Bea Bagwell moved to Euless.