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Ego, Anton Ego…

19 Jan

Can you believe it’s been five years since the Disney movie Ratatouille was released?!  If you never saw it, here’s a quick recap (*spoiler alert*):

Remy, a teen rat whose dream it is to become a chef, “takes over” another aspiring young culinarian’s body.  In doing so, he attracts the attention of one Anton Ego, renown food critic.  Ego has long ago dismissed the restaurant where this other chef, Linguini, works.  However, he is intrigued that all of a sudden this same place has become popular again.  When he tells Linguini he wants a fresh taste of “perspective,” the young chef is perplexed.  Remy, being the smartest one in the movie, races to find an old recipe for ratatouille.  Much to the chagrin of the other chefs and sous chefs, the rat makes the dish and it is sent out to Ego.  Upon the first bite, Ego is shot back to his childhood of a loving mother who was too poor to make anything but the peasant dish.

Needless to say, everyone lives happily ever after.  The point of this story was to relate my “Ego moment” tonight at dinner.  They say that smell is the closest link to memories of any other senses.  I think a VERY close second is that of tasting a familiar, home cooked meal.

As soon as I took my first bite, I was sent back to days of homework, marching band, drama club, and helping out during the summer with our church’s VBS.  The mix of cheese, soup, potatoes, butter, and corn flakes made me want to eat the ENTIRE dish.  Believe me, that would be much easier than you might think (or want to think).  Even the overdone edges were stick-a-fork-in-the-top-of-someone’s-hand-because-they-try-to-get-the-last-bite GOOD!

So it was very apropos that this recipe should be in conjunction with my mom’s birthday, since it was one of the ones she submitted for the cookbook!  Happy Birthday Mom!

Potato Casserole

Note: Cheryl Horton was born January 18, 1951 in San Angelo, Texas to James and Meta Harris.  She graduated from Carthage HS in 1969.  Cheryl attended Panola Jr. college where she met Frank.  She went to Stephen F Austin, where she graduated in 1973 with a major in Clothing & Textiles.  Cheryl is currently working for HEB-ISD (at the junior high I went to).