Make sure your knives are sharp

21 Jan

Let me just say that I never thought cutting a whole fryer would prove to be the Achilles heel of my Friday?!  While I understand the need to save money by most of us.  I also realized that the possibility of cutting off a digit was VERY real!  So, next time I will definitely be purchasing already cut pieces of chicken.  I did, however, manage to cut out both thigh/leg quarters, wings, and one full breast.  The other breast ended up boneless and skinless…oops!

Whether you are a fan of chicken or not, a small note about frying:  Keeping the skin on (even if not eaten) keeps the moisture in the chicken and the bone-in pieces held their heat and moisture better than their boneless counterparts.  Oh, and did I mention that you quickly figure out how unbalanced your stove and/or floor is when you need heat to be even in a pan of hot oil!

Anyway, the chicken turned out well, and the gravy was GREAT!  Gravy has always been difficult for me.  It’s usually too lumpy, runny, tastes like warm flour (yuck!), or I don’t stir enough and it burns.  But…!  The “Kitchen Bouquet Browning Sauce” was the perfect addition to the mix.  I made the “mistake” of pouring some in, when it was supposed to just be a couple drops.  I was afraid it would be ruined, not so!

I had my  Southern Fried Chicken with Cream Gravy along with some of the Bean Salad from a week ago. The perfect pairing.

Southern Fried Chicken

Chicken and Gravy


The other recipe for today was for “Tea Cakes II.”  What a misnomer that is!  There is nothing remotely like cake in the product.  This is one of those recipes that says to chill the dough and the “roll onto a floured surface.”  Well, let’s just say that in this case, rolling was the easy part, but unless you have Edward Scissorhand’s …er..hands, being able to cut the dough and put it onto a cookie sheet is next to impossible.  The dough warmed up WAY too quickly.  Oh, and when it says to cut them, I figured I would use a cookie cutter and make them all pretty.  When they baked, though, they took over the cookie sheet like King Kong took over the Empire State Building.  So, it was back to the old stand-by of “drop by spoonfuls onto cookie sheet.”  I also baked them a little longer to give them a more crisp finish.  I felt that a sturdier cookie/cake would actually go with tea best.  They taste spectacular, and I think they look pretty too.  Perhaps I could freeze the dough and just cut them like a store-bought roll-o-dough.  What do you think?

Tea Cakes II


Grandma’s Notes: (Chicken) 1/20/93- Cloudy; drizzling.  Watched the presidential inauguration & parade.  1/21/93 Barbara and Haley came.  Anthony & Ashley came; gave them each and afghan (Anthony’s “West Winds”).  We all had ice cream.  Read Tenaha-Timpson paper; crocheted.  THANK  YOU LORD FOR OUR COUNTRY THAT IT IS ONE WHERE WE ARE FREE TO SEEK GOD AT ANYTIME AND ANY PLACE.

(Cakes)- 1/15/99- Frank called; he and April and a friend are coming tonight; will go home tomorrow night.  1/16/99- Lance carried the girls over to fed the cows.  1/20/99- I mailed some letters; one was a birthday card and check for Amber’s birthday which I had forgotten on the 10th.




One Response to “Make sure your knives are sharp”

  1. Mary January 21, 2012 at 1:38 pm #

    My sister use to make “tea cakes”. A very simple recipe that made a nice thick cookie. Not too sweet, not too bland. Just perfect for sipping with a cup of tea. Thanks for reminding me of those. I’ll have to see if my gluten free flour works as a substitute for the AP called for.

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