A Sandwich just isn’t a sandwich…

24 Jan

…without the tangy zip of Miracle Whip.”

Do you remember that commercial?  Growing up we NEVER, and I mean NEVER, had real mayonnaise in the fridge.  It was always “salad dressing.”  I’m guessing that got its name from that fact that you usually use it to dress various salads (i.e. broccoli, pasta, cole slaw salads, etc.).  Well, we used it for sandwiches, tuna salads, and anything else that called for mayo.

After getting married, however, you would have thought I recommended we eat dirt when I first bought Miracle Whip at the grocery store.  In the last nine years of marriage I can count on one hand how many times I purchased salad dressing.  So, when I talked about the recipes with my husband, he was not too happy to see two different ones that would be made.

Well, this first one turned out very well.  It’s a bit thicker than I am used to for a mayo or salad dressing, but it was a great addition to the last piece of fried chicken from Friday night.  It made a tasty chicken salad that made a nice addition to the cabbage I made also.

Salad Dressing I


Cabbage…you either like it or you don’t.  I never tried it until my Aunt Barbara made it, some holiday weekend.  The perfect trio of cabbage, sautéed onions, and bacon all in one.  There is really nothing left to say about this, but that Hank even liked it. And, come on, if you can get your 16 month old to eat cabbage and onions…SCORE!!!

I ate it with some of the aforementioned chicken salad.  It was great.

Cabbage and onions


Notes: From Cabbage-Lance and Barbara Horton were married January 23, 1967 (Happy Anniversary) at Ramah Baptist Church in Tenaha.  They have two children, Haley Ann Horton Monroe and Marcus Lance Horton

From Salad Dressing- 1/23/2000- Loyce Bush taught SS lesson; went to Lance and Barbara’s for lunch.  Barry, Haley, & Braden Monroe were there; such a good lunch.  Talked to Zach, he took off two weeks from work to be home while George had knee surgery.  HELP ME TO REMEMBER TO ALWAYS HAVE MY PRAYER TIME EARLY IN THE MORNING, SO MY DAY WILL BE RIGHT ALL DAY LONG.


One Response to “A Sandwich just isn’t a sandwich…”

  1. Beverly April 3, 2012 at 3:43 pm #

    Recipe please? I love chicken salad and as the weather warms here I think this will make for a tasty and quick meal.

    Love the blog..thanks

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