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Spaghet-Tea Cakes and Sugar Cookies

26 Jan

OK, so I didn’t combine spaghetti and tea cakes, but I was trying to be kitschy with the title…but I digress.

Last night, after returning home from a GREAT motorcycle ride, I realized that there were two recipes I was supposed to post.  Well, yesterday was out anniversary and I guess my mind was elsewhere.  I spent most the day finding, purchasing, and putting together a kids’ bicycle carrier to add to my bike so that the hubby and I could go riding together…since I also got him his own bike!  Well, in the end, I had to return the kid seat and buy another one because it did not fit on either of our bikes.  BLAH.

So, back to the topic at hand.  I made a scrumptous (sp) spaghetti sauce this evening that was very reminiscent of my mom’s, sans mushrooms and with added stewed tomatoes.  This was a meaty, hearty, saucy blend that would complement any pasta, mozzarella stick, or even as a pizza sauce. It was so good, I forgot to take a picture.  Now, if I take one, you’d just see the inside of my cluttered refrigerator and the sauce in its respective Rubbermaid container.

On to the cookies instead.  The two recipes were VERY different in ingredients, but their taste is very similar.  So it was hard to decide which I really like.

First was the tea cookie, much better than the “tea cakes” from a few days ago.  They are a crisp, dry cookie that would be PERFECT with tea or coffee.  They aren’t that pretty, but taste great.  Second was a sugar cookie.  This was no sugar cookie like I’ve ever eaten or seen before, but I made them.  The dough is very moist and I was not quite sure how it would bake.  It baked pretty evenly but requires a LOT of trips to the oven, unless you have a double oven.  So, I got lazy, put all the dough onto the cookie sheet, scored it with a pizza cutter and baked.  They baked perfectly and are much more uniform.

So, there are rewards for laziness (sometimes).


Grandma’s Notes: (Spaghetti Sauce) 1/24/93-Went to see Doris & Wallace Phillips at Alva Foster’s.  Alice Horton was there.  1/28/93 George came by; I started a baby blanket.  1/30/93- Beautiful day 30* at 7:45; baked a pie; studied S.S. lesson; watched A&M vs. Baylor basketball; worked on blanket.  THANK YOU LORD FOR YOUR WORD TO STUDY.  HELP ME GET THE WHOLE PICTURE AS I STUDY.  (Tea Cookies) 1/21/99- George came by; brought my TV.  1/23/99- Haley is cooking a 32-yr anniversary dinner for Barbara and Lance.  They picked me up to go to Barry and Haley’s house in Carthage.  1/24/99- S.S. and church.  Then to Pizza Hut with Lance, Barbara, Haley, Barry, and Braden.  LORD, THANK YOU FOR THE PRIVILEGE OF PRAYER. (Sugar Cookies)- 1/1/99- Cooked Cabbage, carrots, black-eye peas; ate lunch.  Barbara, Haley, and Barry came for a while.  I hung my 1999 calendar.  THANK YOU LORD FOR HOLDING ME IN YOUR HANDS.  HELP ME ALWAYS LOOK TO YOU FOR THE ANSWER; FORGIVE ME WHEN I ERE.