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No Wonder Out Country Is Screwed Up!

30 Jan

Look up the word, “sugarless,” and you will find a plethora of synonyms and definitions: without sugar, diet, nutritious, etc., etc.  In the grand scheme of things, it’s really just something that does not have actual “sugar” in it (i.e. refined, granulated, pure cane, or powdered).  What it doesn’t tell you is that there is plenty of dietary sugars in it! One tablespoon of corn syrup has approximately 15 grams of sugars in it.  This recipe had 1 and 1/3 CUPS of corn syrup in it…nevermind the flour and milk in the recipe (which both consist of these sugars).  So, it was no wonder I was skeptical to make this particular baked good.

When this cake was completed, the result was a lightly sweetened, and slightly drier, version of a simple vanilla cake.  I was pleasantly surprised.  However, there was a certain “something” that was missing…”real” sugar!  I then realized that I had not made one of my required mixes last week: Fluffy Frosting.  I figured that since I wasn’t making this cake for dietary reasons/restrictions, I might as well put a good-tasting frosting on top.

Let’s just start off by saying this…Any recipe that requires you to cook sugar to a certain temperature for any amount of time is DANGER, with a capital D!  First of all, if you do not work with hot, boiling, molten lava sugar on a regular basis, DON’T!  Second, when the recipe requires you to beat egg whites to a stiff peak while boiling sugar AND you have a 16 month old thinking that the mixer cord is fun…STOP!  Luckily I had a second pair of hands to wrangle the rowdy rugrat and I have worked with hot sugar a few times (when I made marshmallows a few years back).  It’s still not easy.  This frosting recipe calls for vanilla, and the cake for lemon extracts.  I substituted the lemon in the place of the vanilla, to help bring out the “sugarless-ness” of the cake.

In the end, the frosting would have covered 5 times the amount of cake I actually had.  The cake was a bit dry.  And, I ended up sending the entire thing to work with my husband…An “easy skillet apple pie” it was not!


I like it so little, I didn’t even waste SD card space to take a picture!


Grandma’s Notes: 1/29/96- JESUS CAME, NOT TO CALL RIGHTEOUS, BUT SINNERS TO REPENTANCE.  Anthony was on all A’s honor roll this 6-wks.  Beta Club won a 1st place trophy in Austin. 2/3/96- Barbara brought groceries & mail.  Lance came by; Haley came from Tyler.  Both had some tea bread. 2/4/96- at 7:50 it’s 12*; just Loyce Bush, Ruth Oliver, and I in S.S. Class, too cold! 1/5/98- THANK YOU LORD, IT WAS NOT RAINING ON MY RETURN HOME FROM AARP.  Sent Amber’s birthday card (my 18th birthday). 1/10/98- Went to Bermon and Marie Odom’s 50th anniversary.  1/14/98- Put Cheryl’s birthday card in the mail.  1/23/98- Talked to Zach in town.  He was headed to a job in Nacogdoches.