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The Secret…it’s delicious!

26 Feb

Caramel pie, surprise pie, secret pie, or even Bannaffy pie all refer to the same basic pie. One made of only one ingredient.  You read that right, ONE.  Shall I share the secret??? Sure, why not.  It’s sweetened condensed milk.  The trick?  Being patient enough to wait for it to boil.  The next trick (OK, so I’m a bag of tricks tonight), not spewing sweet, molten milk everywhere when you open the cans after boiling.  Trust me, it’s not hard to spray the entire kitchen with the concoction.  THEN, you have to figure out how to hold the hot can of caramel to pour it into the pie crust.  Finally, you have to decide how in the world you will only hold yourself to one piece of pie!

Secret Pie

  • 2 cans of sweetened condensed milk
  • graham cracker crust
  • whipping cream (optional to top with)
  • *variation of recipe uses one fresh banana and prepared banana pudding*

This is time-consuming.  It is best to make it the day before you need it.  Remove the labels from the cans of milk.  Next, fill a big pot with water and bring to a boil.  After it begins to boil, put the (un-opened) cans of milk.  Boil exactly 3 hours, adding more water as it dissipates.  Using tongs, remove the cans from the boiling water and run under cool water to cool slightly.  Using a hand opener, carefully open the cans.  The hot liquid will pop back at you a little, be careful!  Fill the pie crust and then refrigerate until cool.  Before serving, top with fresh whipped cream.


I got the idea of the “Bannaffy Pie” from a good friend in Michigan.  He said they slice fresh banana and put that into the crust and then pour the caramel over it.  I kicked it up a notch; made banana pudding and poured enough over the banana slices to cover them.  Then I poured the caramel into the crust.

The Countdown is on!

The safest place for molten cans and water

Hold away from person

Best way to keep oven mitts clean

My Banana Variation

Notes: April and Mike have two sweet puppies, Dot & Dash.  Both of them love to go to Nana and Bandana’s.  Life just doesn’t get any better.

Stuffed Eggs

26 Feb

This is not a recipe from Grandma.  I liked the sound of it so much I had to make it and post it. When making these, think deviled eggs with attitude.

Stuffed Eggs

  • boiled eggs
  • honey mustard dressing (I make my own)
  • mayo

Cut an egg in half.  Scoop out the yolk and mix with approximately 1/2 teaspoon each of the dressing and mayo.  Put the mixture back into the egg white…enjoy!

How cute are these?

Notes:  My friend Emily says that her 2 year-old son, Miles, will get all the above ingredients from the refrigerator on his own.  Her daughter has also been known to go to the fridge for a “snack,” only to return with a package of bacon!

Dear Grandma,

25 Feb

Your cheese-ball is horrible.  It’s more like a cheese soup, that would NOT be on the menu of any restaurant that wants to stay in business.  I would like to point out, however, that with one slight modification you could pass this off as a tasty appetizer.


I didn’t take any pictures because I don’t think even you would want to claim that as your recipe.  It called for cheddar, parmesan, bleu, and cream cheeses.  Then it said to blend.  Well, I knew that would be difficult to blend, being so dry, so I looked over the recipe to see if I had missed any other addition to the mix.  I had, pet milk.  That’s right, your cheese ball recipe calls for a small can (2/3 cup) of evaporated milk.  What the…?  Needless to say, I added it…I then proceeded to pour it in the trashcan.


Perhaps, next time I make a cheese ball, I will use mom’s recipe: one that has been tried and tested MANY times!



Your 4th Grandchild


Grandma’s Notes: NOTES IN HER BIBLE- three wise saying: Do not believe everything you hear.  Check and test it out first.  2. Do not try to do something that is beyond your limitations.  Not only may you fail, but you will become an object of derision among other people.  3. Whenever you make a mistake, forget it instead of grieving and torturing yourself about it.  Tomorrow is another day.


BOY!  Didn’t I need to hear that!

Honeycomb Treat

24 Feb

This is a great snack/dessert/party food.  It’s from my Aunt Bennette and is perfect to make for get-togethers or slumber parties.  I will say, it takes a little time to harden completely.  So, if you are making it for a party, you may want to make it the night before.


  • 1 pkg almond bark (I used the small baker’s white chocolate)
  • 4 cups honeycomb cereal
  • 3 cups pretzels (I used pretzel sticks, but twists would work better)
  • 1 cup pecans I used halves)

Melt almond bark.  Mix everything together, coating well.  Spread out on wax paper flat to dry.  Put in airtight container.

I think you could use chocolate as well, and then drizzle white chocolate over it!

Honeycomb Treat


Notes: Bennette has currently (2011) worked for Tyson Foods for 32 years, having always worked in accounting.  She married Walter “Buddy” Creech February 22, 1969 (deceased 7-26-2004). They had two wonderful sons, Tony & Brady and their families.  She met George in May, 2007, and they married Dec. 27, 2008 when her “life became blessed to be a part of this wonderful Horton Family.”


Sunday Chicken on Monday

20 Feb

This has got to be one of the easiest and yummiest chicken dishes I’ve made is a while.  I will say, however, I don’t think I have ever made mashed potatoes that were deliberately “pourable.”  Let me explain.  When making this, you use 3 cups of mashed potatoes mixed with milk in order to be able to pour them into the baking dish/skillet.

Grandma would have made the potatoes from scratch, after digging them up that morning.  I, however, did not like the look of the tubers in the produce section and resorted to “spuds-in-a-box.”  They worked perfectly fine for this particular concoction.  While the recipe stated to make it in a skillet, a Pyrex, Corningware, or other casserole dish would work just fine.

Want to make this?!  Leave a comment. 😉

One Pan Meal!


Grandma’s Notes: 2/20/93- Anthony and Ashley came.  Marcus came by a few minutes.  Cooked peas, corn, creamed potatoes, and chicken breast for dinner.  Anthony and I played a game or two of dominoes.  He got my mail.  George picked them up.  THANK YOU FOR THE SMALL THINGS IN LIFE THAT I ENJOY THAT MAKE LIFE SO MUCH MORE ENJOYABLE.  MAY I NEVER FORGET.


Easy Pink Fruit Dip

19 Feb

Only two ingredients separate you from a delicious dip suitable for any fruit and great any time of day.  This is one of my sister’s submitted recipes, although it was usually mom that made it when we were growing up.

  • 1 jar (7oz)marshmallow cream
  • 1 container or bar of cream cheese

Mix well.  Add one drop of red food coloring.  Mix thoroughly.  Serve with fresh fruit.


Easy and delicious

Notes: April has her own cupcake business, “Daisy Cakes.”  All of her cupcakes are made with love and are terrific.  Mike, April’s husband, is a graphic designer.


Burnin’ down the house….

19 Feb

One thing I remember vividly, from growing up, was when my dad would donate blood.  Afterwards, there were always mini orange, grape, and cranberry juices to aid the donors.  The kind of juices that had the thin foil peel-off spouts.  You know, the TexSun brand of orange and grapefruit juices?!  That’s right, this one:For the Floridians reading this, it’s like the Simply Orange version, only not quite as sweet.  This juice is the kind you definitely do NOT want to swig after brushing your teeth.  But, I digress…


I was more than thrilled to be making Grandma’s “TexSun Pecans.”  I only remember having them, firsthand, a handful of times.  So, being able to make them myself was thrilling.  Now, let me interject something here.  I am HORRIBLE, and I mean HORRIBLY HORRIBLE at boiling sugar mixtures to the correct temperature or stage (i.e. soft ball, hard crack, etc.).  However, I do try them and usually get them to turn out OK.

Let’s just say that my lack of being able to boil/heat sugar mixtures is still apparent:

Keep your eye on the mix!


I had literally turned my back 15 seconds, to rinse a bowl in the sink.  All of a sudden I hear a sizzle and the kitchen was filled with smoke.  Needless to say, that mixture was not used.  So, I frantically searched online for a new recipe with which I could use my pecans.

I found one that used an egg white batter with brown sugar and vanilla.  I then only had to BAKE the pecans and mix…no boiling required.  I could EASILY eat the entire result!  My husband, that does NOT like nuts of any kind, actually went back for thirds on this one!

2nd Try, Different Recipe


Grandma’s Notes: Thank you Lord, that bad times and sadness do not last forever.  HELP ME TO WAIT PATIENTLY FOR THE GOOD TIMES TO FOLLOW.