What a Spread…

4 Feb

This is short.  I made and canned a spread for sandwiches.  A mix of red and green peppers, sweet pickles, and green tomatoes (although no one had any so the were omitted) along with a sweet mayo-like dressing made up this spread.  It made 2.5 pints.  The hubs used the 1/2 pint along with some leftover rotisserie chicken and made chicken salad.  I had a bite, but that was it.  He loved it; me, not so much.

At least I ended up with two pints of a gift-able sandwich spread.  Perhaps a picnic basket!

Sandwich Spread


Grandma’s Notes: 2/3/2000- Sun shining; 38* at 8:05.  Such a beautiful day; read Bible.  THANK YOU LORD THAT NOTHING CAN SEPARATE ME FROM YOUR LOVE.  HELP ME LOVE OTHERS THE SAME WAY.  2/6/2000- Went to church tonight with Lance and Barbara; looked for children’s books.  THANK YOU LORD FOR BLESSINGS I DO NOT ALWAYS SEE.


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