3- Ingredient Sour Kraut *Recipe*

9 Feb

Ok, so this is a canning recipe.  If you don’t want to “can” it you can still make it if you are willing to do a little waiting.  This is a very simple and fairly easy recipe.  One medium head of cabbage shredded enough for two quarts of kraut.

  • 1 qt shredded cabbage (i didn’t know how much a “quart” of cabbage was, so I used a medium head)
  • 1 TBSP salt
  • Boiling Water

Mix cabbage and salt; pack into quarts (I probably could have packed my tighter); cover in boiling water and seal.  Place jars on paper as juice will run out.

OK, so I followed this exactly and got this:

Two quarts


I don’t think it looks like “normal” sour kraut.  I also haven’t tested the flavor yet.  I kind of want to let it sit for a while to really brine.  After I finished this, I did look up the recipe for sour kraut, online.  I just wasn’t convinced this was going to work.  I found the site The Healthy Eating Site and was pleased that the ingredients are the same.  The main difference is that after the salt is added to the cabbage, you work it into the cabbage so that a brine forms. This also helps break down the cabbage.  This person also tests the mix after 3 days and every day or so after.  That way they can find the level of fermentation they want.

I think I might just have to get some brats or dogs for the weekend and test my concoction.  I’ll also buy some conventional kraut (just to be safe).


Grandma’s Notes: 2/7/2000 ***This was her last journal entry, ever***- Read Bible; got ready to be at school at 10:30 today.  Sometime later, she wrote: I had a fall at the school house.  I had gone to read to the children.  I had a broken hip; was in the Nacogdoches hospital for five days; then in Briarcliff Home for rehab for several weeks.  Came to Lance’s with Home Health Care.  I could no longer stay alone.


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