Orange Prune Muffins

1 Mar

OK, so I did make these on the day it called for them, but I have been fighting a cold/flu from Hades! I finally began feeling better the day I attempted the cheese ball (BARF!) and the Secret Pie.  However, the last few days have been very reminiscent of my early months of pregnancy with the boy (NO, I am not preggers)…tired, tired, and tired.

Anyway, I did make a couple of things this week, I’m just now typing about them.

The baked-good of the week was a muffin that called for something that is really not in existence anymore: rice bran cereal. I did find out there is such thing as rice bran, just no cereal with that name.  So, I just crushed up some bran flakes and used those.  I found these to be pretty moist as the recipe also calls for orange juice.  This, by the way, is becoming one of my favorite ingredients with which to bake.  The local Winn-Dixie also had one of my other new favorites:

My new friend

For a family that only uses chopped prunes to cook with, this is a MUST.  I understand it’s probably more expensive per ounce, but I can guarantee we would not go through a regular package of prunes quickly enough.  These already come diced, which also saves time and sanity with a 17 month-old running between your legs.

When complete, they look like:

So I had them for breakfast a couple of days and a snack with hard-boiled eggs this day:

A Snack of Sorts


All-in-all they were a success…another recipe down!

Grandma’s Notes: 2/26/94- Anthony won a gold medal in Nacogdoches for a trumpet solo.  2/27/94- Marcus came showing his pretty red pickup.  Worked on quilt.  Lillian Mills drove Janey Watson & me to Marie Garvey’s (learning to play bridge); had a good time.  (They learned; played weekly for years).  HELP ME TO ALWAYS BE THANKFUL AND CHEERFUL.

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