Potato, potahto

29 Mar

I’ve come to realize that my grandmother was able to make all these great dishes because she never really made it out of the house much. She had a standing hair appointment every Friday, church on Wednesdays and Sundays, but those were the “set-in-stone.”  Her access to fresh fruits, vegetables, and tree nuts was unlimited.  Space was tight in he kitchen, but she always seemed to make everything work out and the dishes were clean by the time we were in the living room watching the evening sitcoms.  Anyway, my work schedule allows me Tuesdays and Thursdays off which (you would think) gives me more time to prepare and make the day’s culinary offerings.

Well, as you can imagine, the hubs has finally caught a piece of whatever the boy and I had the last three weeks or so: headache and sore throat.  So, while he napped, I began prepping the ingredients for potato soup.  There are very few fresh ingredients needed and the longest prep is peeling and chopping the potatoes.  I don’t have a potato masher, so I used a hand mixer to beat the potatoes, once cooked.  I left them a little chunky because I like having a little substance to chew when I have soup.  After cooking the spuds and then adding the rest of the ingredients, I let the soup boil a few minutes and then let it simmer for 45 minutes or so.  There was no instruction to do so, but I wanted the flavors to really meld.

I also would probably use different milk next time, all I had was skim.  The flavor was great but the thickness wasn’t quite there.  When the hubs had his bowl he also added some bacon.  It gave it a little more salt (which it did need) and made it more of a baked potato soup.  It was good!

I wish I had taken a better picture, but I never remember until I have already eaten the dish or I’ve put the leftovers in the fridge.

Grandma’s Notes: 3/26/91- Fasting and praying today; drinking plenty water. 3/29/91- Alice Horton came; I baked 2 pies + cake.  Frank’s family got here; Lance and Marcus came; then George’s family, and then Barbara and Haley; all visited.  3/30/91- All ate supper here; then Alvis, Doris, Gala, Renea, and David came.  Guy and Saralee came; “made merry” until late.  THANK YOU FOR MY FAMILY


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