Grandma would not be proud…

10 Jun

Grandma would NEVER ever have patted her own back.  In fact, I can not recall one single time that she ever spoke her own accolades.  Never once did she expect a “way-to-go” or a praise of any dish she ever made.  So, I got to thinking about why I am continuing this blog as it stands- for the “numbers.”  I, like many, recently became a Pintrest member.  I LOVE being able to see the ideas of others, and even share some of my own.  However, after a great posting on here about Marshmallow icing, I decided to link the icing to my Pintrest boards and…well…let’s just say that 392 hits the very next day, Made. My. Day.


It has become my 2nd Facebook: checking pins, likes, comments, etc.  I realized that by starting this blog I wanted to bring my grandmother’s recipes to a new generation of cooks and bakers.  All I ended up doing was glorifying my own ideas of what the recipes should taste like, not how much others like how they do taste!


Here’s the change.  From now on, I will continue to make my recipes, but will utilize the unsolicited reviews by my coworkers, husband’s coworkers, other friends and family.  I will only eat (and try) those recipes that allow me to follow a Covenant Diet, along with my friend January. I love you girl, for kicking my rear into gear.

After I post this, and the boy wakes up from a late nap, it’s off to the grocery store I go for a few things that might even be found on this list.

Now THAT is something that Grandma would be proud of!



3 Responses to “Grandma would not be proud…”

  1. januaryrowe June 10, 2012 at 10:30 pm #

    Totally pumped to have you as a fellow covenanter (pretty sure I just made that word up)… and I’m reallllly looking forward to recipes that we can share!

    • hort7830 June 10, 2012 at 10:34 pm #

      I wish you could have met my Grandma, she was like one of the first covenanters I ever knew. 🙂

  2. januaryrowe June 15, 2012 at 11:21 pm #

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll have a good ol veggie recipe coming soon! 🙂

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