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No Egg Cookie Bars

13 Feb

As the spring approaches, that always means trying new recipes to enter into the baked goods competition. This year, my daughter is old enough to enter something. So we decided to try our hand at a no-egg option. Mainly because I forgot to get eggs at the grocery store.

As I started making this, however, I knew there was something up with the recipe. It calls for 1/4 stick of oleo. Well, 1/4 of a stick is only 2 TBSP and that doesn’t cream well with the sugar and vanilla.

I chalked it up to being unfamiliar with the recipe, in general, and popped it into the oven anyway.

Bad idea.

Now I have this:

A powdery mess of too few wet ingredients. I’ve put a lifeline out to my aunt who compiled these recipes, but I doubt this batch is salvageable.

Edited to add: my Aunt got back with me and is also perplexed. Hopefully we can figure it out.

Note: 9/29/98: read the Gleaner, sent a check to a man that needs Bibles, and sent a check to an African missionary where workers needed bicycles. God is everywhere with all people who call upon Him. 10/13/98- George came, just to visit. LORD HELP ME DO THE THIBGS I CAN DO CHEERFULLY