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Bad Dates…

1 Jun

If you can name that quote, you are just as much of an Indiana Jones junkie as I am.  Sallah has to be one of my favorite IJ characters.  Not only because of his jovial, people-pleasing ways, but because he save Indie from certain death in a scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark:

“Bad dates”

Sadly, the monkey was not saved soon enough.  The quote is sort of true even if dates are not poisoned.  Dates are a VERY sweet fruit.  I can not say that I even know what a non-dried one tastes like, or if it’s even edible.  Actually, nevermind, they are eating fresh ones in the movie…I digress.  I do know that its dried counterpart is extremely sweet.  Eating a serving size would certainly put me into a sugar coma for some time.  The dried dates are also prone to having pieces of pit still stuck inside them (more so than prunes or dried cherries, in my experience).  So, careful examination of them is necessary when baking with them.  My son liked them though and a good friend suggested using them instead of sugar in recipes.  I might just take her up on that!

Here is what I came up with:

Date Loaf


It wasn’t too bad…or really bad at all.  Just, well, different.  I think dried cherries or blueberries would taste a bit better.  This is also one of those loaves that needs to be enjoyed almost as soon as it cools enough to eat or within the next day.  After about 48 hours, it takes on a pseudo-fruitcake persona- NOT good!


Grandma’s Notes:n6/8/93- To Della Tempin’s; got potato slips.  Anthony and Ashley spent the PM.  Put out potato slips.  6/13/93- Sebastian and Peaches (Marcus & Haley’s dogs) have run cats and calf till neither could eat.  They have trouble keeping them home.  Haley spent weekend with Stutts twins at their dad’s.  THANK YOU FOR MANY PROMISES IN THE BIBLE.  HELP ME TO RELY ON THEM.