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Who was Gladys?

29 Dec

Gladys Bagwell was born November 10, 1910 and married Sidney Horton (1912-1988) in April 1934.  They lived the majority of their married lives in a little east Texas town called Tenaha.  A town so small it has a half-square, not even a town square!

A few facts about Gladys:

  • She has 3 sons: Lance, George, and Frank (my dad)
  • She has six grandchildren: Haley, Marcus, Zack, Me, Anthony, and April
  • She has six great-grands: Braden, Taylor, Brooke, Kai, Asher, and Hank (although she never knew him)

She learned to use a riding lawn mower when she was 79.

She was always going.

She loved to play “42.”

She loved her family and her God.

She was always writing, every morning and most evenings, in her journal: Bible verses, recipes, notes, etc.  That is why I wanted to do this, to give the world some insight into her life.  I hope you enjoy!