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Guaca, guaca, guaca…

5 Jan

OK, so that is a horrible rendition of Fozzie Bear’s “Wocka, wocka, wocka.”  You get the idea though.  Tonight’s recipes are in honor of my beautiful sister, April, and her husband Mike.  Tomorrow is their 4th anniversary.  It’s her submitted recipe for guacamole and a non-date recipe for “Tortilla Pie” of Grandma’s.  At first I was just going to make the guac, but soon decided I needed something other than chips to go with it.  So, to the store we went, cookbook in hand.

While April’s guacamole can stand alone, a meal it does not really make.  As for any good dip, it can accompany just about any main dish.  However, I figured I should start sprinkling in the undated recipes I’ve found.

It’s a simple avocado, garlic, jalapeno, cilantro mix.  Add a little lime juice and onion if you want and viola!  I, personally equate onions to the vegetable equivalent of the devil…so…I did not add them.  The pie is super easy too!  Layers of ground beef, ranch style beans and corn tortillas all topped with cheese.  Bake, with a shallow layer of water in the dish, until bubbly.  So simple!

Tortilla Pie and Guacamole

What Grandma says: THANK YOU LORD THAT YOU ARE ALIVE FOREVERMORE.  I am glad you will never have to go through the terrible bearing of the cross and crusifixion again.  PRAISE YOUR HOLY NAME!

Other notes: April married Mike on January 5, 2008.  April is getting ready to start nursing school this semester.  Mike has two brother and his birthday is December 17.


On a personal note, my kitchen is slowly becoming Grandma’s kitchen.  I always remember grandma having 5 to 6 different cereals neatly arranged on top of the fridge. Countertops were clear except for the microwave (which she did NOT always own), toaster over, and scrap bucket.  After meals there was a small drain board that sat to the left of the sink for dishes to dry.  Little did I know she actually owned a dishwasher!  Go figure…On the table was a Lazy-Susan with various accoutrements for pretty much any meal at any given time: salt, sugar, sweet-n-low, napkins, toothpicks, and the random citrus fruit or bag of chips.  Well, my table has been cleared to the point of being able to have a large bowl for chips and crackers (moved from the counters) and a Texas-shaped bowl for the citrus.  The counter tops are morphing into a more workable area and I couldn’t be happier!

Getting closer to Grandma's table


Stay tuned for more love, from Grandma’s Kitchen!