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Deciding What to Cook…

30 Dec

I went through the entire cookbook today and weeded out the recipes from the month of January.   There are 16 actual printed recipes and 3-5 recipes that are mentioned in Grandma’s notes (i.e. “I made a cherry pie/cabbage/bread/etc. today.”)  Fortunately, for me, I have another cookbook from the Ramah community (again, east Texas) that has many other recipes from her.  So, I should be set with about 21 different things to try. There are salads of fruit and of veggies, side dishes, and even home-made BBQ sauce and salad dressing.  There is even a canned recipe…it will be my first.


The next step is putting together a shopping list for the week.  I’ll post that soon.  I am at a disadvantage as Grandma ALWAYS cooked, never really ate out, unless for a special occasion.  So, most of her ingredients were always on hand.  I do not have that luxury.  Yes, I think a fully stocked pantry is a luxury that ANYONE can afford, if we’d just put away the plastic and take-out menus…but I digress.  Needless to say, my first few shopping trips will be to pick up more items than subsequent visits (I hope).  This is going to be a GREAT excuse to completely clean out and restock the spice cabinets and pantry!


Oh, and did I mention that we are planning to double our kitchen pantry after the first of the year?  I am so crazy stoked!  It will free up much-needed counter space for prep work and give me a place to put all my soon-to-be canned, pickled, and preserved items!


Off to do kitchen inventory and make a shopping list…