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Recipe Update and Kitchen Plans

2 Jan

The honey was a hit!  The recipients had it on toast and raved about it.  As for the fruit salad…well, let’s just say I ended up bringing home an empty bowl!


So, let me also give you a little about our kitchen remodel plans.  As of right now, we have a fairly large area for prep work and serving.  The problem is our lack of accessible storage and pantry space.  My grandmother had a super tiny kitchen/dining area in which she made all meals.  So, I tried to figure out why.  It’s because she didn’t have a ton of clutter on her counter tops.  I’ll post pictures later, but there’s one corner of our counter that is overrun by sodas, bread, canisters, a Keurig, etc., etc.  I am a huge proponent of using what you have and not having a lot of paperweights.  I can honestly say that the one big “tool” we do not use all the time is an ice cream maker.  Everything else is used more often.  So, I have always wanted extra space for counter-top items.  Also, having a dog takes up the entire floor area of our pantry with a Rubbermaid container of food and treats.

Anyway…our plan is to double the pantry size, which would make it about 6 feet wide by 9 feet tall. More than enough room to have all our appliances and tools, along with our food stuffs.  When we do that, we are also going to have the carpenter build a desktop from the pantry to the kitchen wall, which will be maybe 7-8′ long.  After getting this cookbook, I think I’m also going to have some screen-front cabinets added for all my canning and preserves items.  We’ll see.  I’ll make sure I post pictures before and after!