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Cheater, Cheater, Carrot Eater!

6 Jan

Ok, I cheated.  I made Saturday’s recipe today.  But, I had a good reason.  This particular one calls for marinating something for 12 hours in the fridge, before serving.  After that, it keeps for up to 2 weeks in the fridge (if it lasts that long).  So, that’s why I mad Saturday’s recipe today.

Now, let me say, there is definitely something to being able to just go out back and pick your own veggies in your own garden.  Our grandparents (and even some contemporaries) had it SO good.  Our society of biggie-sized drinks, jumbo-fryers, jumbo eggs (presumably from the aforementioned fryers), and Hungry Man XXL TV dinners has made it very difficult to find “normal” or portion-appropriate foods.  Case-in-point, this recipe called for a medium sweet onion.  Grocers don’t just carry sweet onions.  They are ALL “Jumbo sweet Onions,” most of which were past their prime and actually sprouting.  Maybe I should have purchased one as a started plant for my own garden!  Anyway, there was much deliberation.  I didn’t want too big of one- I hate wasting food.  There was NO way I would use the onion again (see previous post about my feelings on onions).  I picked the smallest, firmest one and tossed it into my basket.

Let me just stop a moment and throw a shout out to all the Grandmas, Grannies, and Nanas out there that used to do all this in it purest form…from scratch.  I know, for a fact, that mine did not used canned carrots (as the recipe gave the option) but rather carrot straight from God’s green Earth!

Nevertheless, I used canned carrots for the main reason that I did not want to have to cook and cool fresh ones and then, in turn, have to wash the dishes.  Call me lazy.  I’m glad I did though,  the cut carrots are much more uniform and make it easier to put into jars before adding the marinade.

Marinated Carrots

The concoction now sits in the fridge.  Two quarts, not canned, just marinating (but I had the extra clean jars from having made the Pear Honey).  Tomorrow I will deliver one to a friend that shares a mutual birthday.  I know he will enjoy it!