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Strawberry Cake forever…

13 Jan

Oh. My. Goodness….I wish computers had smell-o-vision!  This Strawberry Cake is uh-mazing!  I never would think to add flavored gelatin to a cake mix (except for a Jello cake).  Not only did it add more strawberry flavor, it added such a beautiful color too.  I did, however find a few tweaks that would need to be made if I ever try this one again.

Frozen strawberries are great because they can be used any time of year, similar to the reason our grandparents canned and preserved fresh summer fruits and veggies.  they are not so great in that they tend to add a large amount of extra water to the mix.  In the cake it was a great addition, but in the frosting it didn’t work quite as well.  The taste is still spot-on, but the look is a little “grainy.”  Once I noticed this, I cut the amount of strawberries in the icing by half and then added them to the top of the cake in the end.

Look at that color!

Hot out of the oven

Mix frosting (and cake) well!

Strawberry Perfection!

Grandma’s Notes: 1/1/96- We were at Lance and Barbara’s house for the day.  I cooked black-eye peas.  The whole family was there. 1/5/96- Pine trees being planted. 1/11/96- Anthony Horton, Jeff Kirkwood, & Tammy Crawford won their Turkey attitude competition.  THANK YOU FATHER THAT WE CAN, BY TRUSTING YOU, MOVE PAST OUR FEARS & LIVE A LIFE WORTHWHILE.