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Burnin’ down the house….

19 Feb

One thing I remember vividly, from growing up, was when my dad would donate blood.  Afterwards, there were always mini orange, grape, and cranberry juices to aid the donors.  The kind of juices that had the thin foil peel-off spouts.  You know, the TexSun brand of orange and grapefruit juices?!  That’s right, this one:For the Floridians reading this, it’s like the Simply Orange version, only not quite as sweet.  This juice is the kind you definitely do NOT want to swig after brushing your teeth.  But, I digress…


I was more than thrilled to be making Grandma’s “TexSun Pecans.”  I only remember having them, firsthand, a handful of times.  So, being able to make them myself was thrilling.  Now, let me interject something here.  I am HORRIBLE, and I mean HORRIBLY HORRIBLE at boiling sugar mixtures to the correct temperature or stage (i.e. soft ball, hard crack, etc.).  However, I do try them and usually get them to turn out OK.

Let’s just say that my lack of being able to boil/heat sugar mixtures is still apparent:

Keep your eye on the mix!


I had literally turned my back 15 seconds, to rinse a bowl in the sink.  All of a sudden I hear a sizzle and the kitchen was filled with smoke.  Needless to say, that mixture was not used.  So, I frantically searched online for a new recipe with which I could use my pecans.

I found one that used an egg white batter with brown sugar and vanilla.  I then only had to BAKE the pecans and mix…no boiling required.  I could EASILY eat the entire result!  My husband, that does NOT like nuts of any kind, actually went back for thirds on this one!

2nd Try, Different Recipe


Grandma’s Notes: Thank you Lord, that bad times and sadness do not last forever.  HELP ME TO WAIT PATIENTLY FOR THE GOOD TIMES TO FOLLOW.