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A Beautiful Disaster

4 Feb

Recipes are funny things.   Basically, you take a bunch of unrelated ingredients, mix certain proportions, and heat at a particular temperature.  Then, you have an edible creation…well, most of the time.  Over the past 30 years or so, many a home cook has figured out how to make recipes healthier, moister, lighter, heavier, creamier, or just better.  We substitute applesauce for oil, butter for shortening, and then margarine for butter.  We use gluten-free this, and sugar-free that.  Unless you really change the ratios of the basics (flour, eggs, soda, salt, etc.) you can add or subtract the ingredients to your pleasure.

Well, in my case, my substitutions are minimal (to keep the authenticity of Grandma’s recipes) and I pretty much just change how things are added.  For example, I don’t have a food grater, so I use a peeler instead.  Or, instead of a grinder I use the food processor attachment on the blender.  This hasn’t been a problem until this most recent cookie.

Yam Molasses Cookies- at first the name made me cringe.  I do not like yams, sweet potatoes or the like.  Molasses isn’t my favorite sweetener, but it does give recipes a beautiful golden color.  Well, this cookie calls for grated yams.  As I said before, I don’t have a grater…so, the peeler it was.  I didn’t think to then chop or cut the long strips of peeled yams.  Although, my husband did suggest it.  But, what does HE know about my grandmother’s recipes?!?!

As it came time to drop teaspoons of the mix onto the cookie sheets, I noticed that the long strands of yam made it difficult to do so.  So, the cookies became larger as the yield decreased!  I knew they might not turn out well and I had no idea how much they might or might not expand.


In the end, the cookies tasted great, but every bite caused the cookies to fall apart completely because you would grab an end of a yam and pull it out…oops!

Oh well, they were pretty and tasty.  They will go to work with the hubs.  His coworkers will eat anything!

Yam & molasses Cookies


Grandma’s Notes- 2/3/99- Listened to music and read; wrote a letter to Marcus.  2/4/99- LORD, LET ME ENJOY THE THINGS OF TODAY. 2/14/99- Talked to Frank; wished me happy valentine.  Wrote a check to a foreign missionary; worked cleaning the secretary- so many memories stored here.  2/27/99- Cut some fresh flowers.